The Next Step

      In my last post, I talked about some steps you can take to help improve the outcome of your job search. If you have identified your skills and interests, figured out what you do and do not want from a job, prepared your resume, created realistic expectations, and figured out what types of jobs are best for you to avoid, then you should be sufficiently prepare to begin job searching. If you're wondering, "When are you going to help me find a job already?", don't worry, I'm getting there. 


     After preparing for your job search, the next step is to decide where to start looking. Depending on your previous job experience, using a more traditional job searching method might be the best way to start. You could look in the newspapers and stores for help wanted ads and signs. Alternatively, you could try calling businesses to ask if they have any positions available. A third option would be to simply ask around. You might be surprised at how helpful family and friends can be with finding a job. If you're not having luck with any of those, it might be a good idea to go to a job fair or find a career counselor. Many cities have job centers that can assist you with your job search as well. 


     If nothing seems to be working, however, one more option is the internet. The internet can be extremely useful with job searching. There's a ton of sites on the subject and each one offers a variety of services. Most have a database of jobs where you can find out information on various career choices, look up education requirements, and find jobs within your area. However, not all job hunting websites are the same. Some offer more helpful services and can save you a lot of time and frustration. But, that's enough for today. In my next post, I will explain to you how you can figure out what makes a job hunting website good. 






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